We believe in sharing our passion. Together with other colleagues, we form a vision for the world of hydrangeas.

Erik van der Valk - Master Grower

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Postal and visiting address Hooflaan 13a 2678 KM De Lier

+31 174 51 25 91
+31 6 10 24 03 06

Visiting address Harteveldlaan 18-A 2675 LE Honselersdijk

+31 174 62 00 45
+31 6 82 50 03 66
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Robin van Dijk

Director; General Affairs

"Together, we are constantly looking to improve and innovate to achieve the best results."

Erik van der Valk

Director; Operational Affairs and Purchasing

"Working with the team to prepare the operational processes and create a well-oiled machine."

Alex Stolze

Cultivation Manager

"Improving and renewing the range is second nature to us."

Frank van der Meer

Sales & Marketing

“Always supplying a range that perfectly suits our customers and retail customers. Making people happy with our products, that's what we do it.”

Roxanna van der Valk


“The relationship with our customers is all about collaboration. It is invaluable."

Danique van der Kruk

Sales Backoffice – De Lier

“We don't just distinguish ourselves with our exclusive varieties. Responding quickly and effectively to our customers' needs and advising them also sets us apart."

Wesley Paalvast

Sales Backoffice – Honselersdijk

"To make sure that day trading runs smoothly, we are in daily contact with our customers, which creates a bond."

Cindy van Waveren


"By creating order and keeping an overview, the Master Growers are given the space to do what they are good at."

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