That moment when you realise you have your hands on a unique variety. The reward for focus, patience and courage. To me, that is the best thing ever.

Robin van Dijk – Master Grower

We are treasure hunters

Breeding is like treasure hunting, and we think it is one of the most fun and exciting parts of our trade. This is where we prove our mastery and distinguish ourselves. We are happy to share the results of our craftsmanship with our fellow growers.

There's happiness in
creating perfection

Mastering the art of detail

Breeding is like sketching with genetics. The greenhouse is our canvas, the cuttings are our materials. Based on our vision and expertise, we develop new varieties, shapes and colours, extend and improve quality.

From one master to another

We breed and cultivate our plants with consumers in mind and we know the needs of the market well. Our cuttings find their way to growers around the globe, each with their own wishes and needs. Pinched cuttings or not, or pre-finished plants: growers who work with us can expect the utmost care in quality and flexibility.

Young plants hold
a master's promise

If you want to find out more about our breeding and propagation?

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